Fast Facts

Quad OverlookThe College of Law

  • Founded in 1895
  • Accredited by: American Bar Association (1923) and Association of American Law Schools (1900)
  • Faculty and Legal Writing Professors: 65 (37% women; 14% minority)
  • Students enrolled: 643 (12% of upperclass students are joint degree candidates)

Admissions & Financial Aid Information

  • Merit- and need-based financial aid programs
  • Admissions application deadline: April 1
  • Financial Aid application deadlines:
  • Submit FAFSA on the Web to federal processor: early January
  • Submit College of Law financial aid application: February 15
  • See catalog for complete instructions
  • Application processes for admission and financial aid must be done concurrently; do not wait for an admissions decision to begin the financial aid application process.
  • Tuition in 2010 - 2011: $43,500
  • Required fees: $1626
  • Class of 2013 receiving institutional financial aid: 70%

Professional Development and Career Opportunities Program

Employment Survey for the Class of 2009 (nine months after graduation)

  • Number of graduates in class: 217
  • Percent employed including full-time degree students: 94%
  • Average salary reported for 100+ attorney firms: $127,000
  • Average salary reported for all private practice: $92,500
  • Average salary reported for government employers: $53,500

Interdisciplinary Learning Opportunities

Centers and Institutes

  • Burton Blatt Institute: Centers of Innovation on Disability
  • Disability Law and Policy
  • Family Law and Social Policy
  • Global Law and Practice
  • Indigenous Law, Governance and Citizenship
  • Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism
  • Institute for the Study of the Judiciary, Politics, and the Media
  • Property, Citizenship, and Social Entrepreneurism
  • Technology Commercialization Law

Clinical Programs

  • Children's Rights and Family Law Clinic
  • Community Development Law Clinic 
  • Criminal Defense Law Clinic
  • Disability Rights Clinic 
  • Elder law Clinic
  • Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic 
  • Securities Arbritration/Consumer Law Clini

Externship Courses

  • Advocacy Externship
  • Judicial Externship
  • Public Interest Externship

Advocacy Skills Program

  • Trial Advocacy Courses
  • Moot Court Teams and Competitions

Opportunities for Specialization & Interdisciplinary Study

First-Year Elective Courses:

  • Employment Discrimination
  • Family Law
  • Health Law 
  • Special Education Law
  • Voting Rights
* Courses may vary from year to year

Joint Degree Programs:

  • J.D./Public Administration (M.P.A.)
  • J.D./Business Administration (M.B.A.) 
  • J.D./Social Work (M.S.W.)
  • J.D./M.S. in Accounting
  • J.D./M.S. Communications
  • J.D./M.S. in Disability Studies
  • J.D./M.S. or Ph.D. in Environmental Science and Forestry 
  • J.D./M.S. in Engineering and Computer Science
  • J.D./M.S. in Forensic Science
  • J.D./M.S. in International Relations
  • J.D./M.S. or M.A. in other disciplines including economics,  education, English, history, library science, philosophy, and political science.

Summer Abroad Program

  •  Law in London