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6th Haudenosaunee Conference

6th Haudenosaunee logo6th Annual Haudenosaunee Conference

The Modern Challenges of Haudenosaunee Economic Development: Pathways to Economic Sovereignty

Video 1: Introduction - Robert Porter (Seneca), Syracuse University

Video 2: Michael Oberg, University of Houston

Video 3: Robert Porter (Seneca), Syracuse University

Video 4: Chief Jake Swamp (Mohawk Nation)

Video 5: Owen Herne (Akwesasne Mohawk), Attorney & Carrie Garrow (akwesasne Mohawk), Syracuse University

Video 6: Panel on Entrepreneurism - Rudy & Randy Hart (Akwesasne Mohawk), and Ross John, Sr., (Cattaraugus Seneca)

Video 7: J.C. Seneca (Seneca)

Video 8: Robert Porter (Seneca), Syracuse University

Much criticism has been expressed regarding the White Man’s money culture and how it resulted, among other things, in the loss of nearly all of our aboriginal land base.  And yet it is inescapable that modern Haudenosaunee – like our ancestors – place important emphasis on economy like all other human beings.  How we generate resources for shelter, food, protection, and enjoyment are fundamental questions of human life.  The traditional Haudenosaunee economy is based upon notions of conservation and the welfare of the seven generations which acted as a restraint in the development of practices that might cause suffering in the future.  Colonization brought concepts of private property, commodities, different modes of production, and a money based economy.

The 6th Annual Haudenosaunee Conference focuses on economic development, in particular, money and its pursuit by Haudenosaunee nations and individual Haudenosaunee people.  We will address how best to develop within the Haudenosaunee cultural and political context.  Speakers will focus on the modern development challenges, including discussions of nationalism v. entrepreneurship, the viability of gaming and the tobacco economy, tribal regulation of business, tribal institutional development, and maintaining Haudenosaunee values within our economic systems. 



10th Annual Haudenosaunee Conference   Peace

November 15, 2013 evening reception at Goldstein Student Center, South Campus

November 16, 2013 Peace Conference, 8-5, Goldstein Student Center

agenda and registration coming soon!!!

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