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Program Activities

The Center will focus on four programmatic areas: research, law reform, education & training, and the Haudenosaunee.

1. Research: 
The center's research agenda will focus on conducting research relating to Indigenous citizenship and governance. The research agenda will be multi-disciplinary and draw upon faculty from throughout the University and visiting scholars from other universities. It is anticipated that students, both from the College of Law as well as graduate students in other colleges, will have an active role in the Research Program. Particular research projects will focus on the exercise of citizenship rights and strategies for advocating the rights of Indigenous peoples. 

2. Law Reform: 

The center will also seek to implement and test remedial theories through clinical application. It is anticipated that students, primarily those in the College of Law, will have an active role in the Law Reform Program. Particular projects will focus on the reform of Indigenous nation governments, administrative operations, and federal and state laws relating to Indian affairs. 

3. Education & Training: 
The center will seek to promote a greater understanding of the rights and powers of Indigenous peoples and nations both within and outside of the University community. The target communities include: attorneys (CLE), government officials and policymakers (tribal, federal, state, & local), and Indigenous and non-Indigenous community members. The Center will also support interdisciplinary teaching of courses and seminars for University students at all levels (undergraduate, graduate, and professional). 

4. Haudenosaunee:
The Center will focus particular efforts on developing educational and research programs targeted to the Haudenosaunee. The primary focal point of this effort will be the development of the "Haudenosaunee Law School," an educational program designed to allow Haudenosaunee to obtain a greater understanding of the Haudenosaunee legal tradition. This program will evolve in collaboration with the Haudenosaunee and draw upon traditional as well as contemporary knowledge.



10th Annual Haudenosaunee Conference   Peace

November 15, 2013 evening reception at Goldstein Student Center, South Campus

November 16, 2013 Peace Conference, 8-5, Goldstein Student Center

agenda and registration coming soon!!!

Past Events

9th Annual Haudenosaunee Conference

Caring for Indigenous Children and Families: Circles of Safety and Sovereignty

November 30-December 1, 2012

The Practice of Indian Law -- Navigating Three Jurisdictions

April 26, 2013
201 MacNaughton Hall