Julien Mezey Dissertation Award Winners

Stacy Douglas
"Curating community: Museums, Constitutionalism, and the Taming of the Political"
Ph.D. Law, Kent Law School, University of Kent
Assistant Professor, Law and Legal Studies, Carleton University
Scott Enderle
“Novel Properties: Communication, Copyright, and the British Novel, 1710-1774”
Ph.D., English, University of Pennsylvania
Visiting Assistant Professor, English, Skidmore College
Zeb Tortorici
“Contra Natura: Sin, Crime, and ‘Unnatural’ Sexuality in Colonial Mexico, 1530-1821”
Ph.D., History, UCLA
Visiting Professor, History, Tulane University
Rebecca Rix
“Gender and Reconstitution: The Family and Individual Basis of Democracy Contested, 1870-1932”
Ph.D., History, Yale University
Assistant Professor, History, Princeton University
Christine Hong
“Legal Fictions: Human Rights Cultural Production and the Pax Americana in the Pacific Rim”
Ph.D., English, University of California – Berkeley
Assistant Professor, Literature, University of California – Santa Cruz
Brenna Bhandar
“Re-covering the Limits of Recognition: The Politics of Difference and Decolonisation in John Borrows’ Recovering Canada: The Resurgence of Indigenous Law”
Ph.D., Birkbeck School of Law, University of London
Lecturer, University of Kent Law School
Honorable Mention:
Orna Alyagon Darr
“The Dilemma of the Serious-but-hard-to-prove Crime of Witchcraft in Early Modern England (1542-1736)”
Ph.D., Law, Haifa University
Faculty of Law, University of Haifa
Gabriella Coleman
“The Social Construction of Freedom in Free and Open Source Software: Hackers, Ethics, and the Liberal Tradition”
Ph.D., Socio-cultural Anthropology, University of Chicago
Assistant Professor of Media, Culture, and Communication, New York University
Sagit Mor
“Imagining the Law: The Construction of Disability in the Domains of Rights and Welfare - The Case of Israeli Disability Policy”
JSD, New York University School Law
Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Haifa