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Foreign Relations (3 cr)
This seminar examines history, doctrine, and policy involving U.S. engagements with foreign governments, organizations, and individuals. Our focus will be the historical development and contemporary negotiation of the diverse legal orders, subjects, and spheres of action implicated in contemporary foreign relations. Economic relations will occupy much of our attention. Central questions include: (1) With what method does the U.S. negotiate its coexisting obligations under conventional, customary; constitutional, statutory, and administrative legal orders? (2) What roles do legal subjects such as legislatures, executives, courts, agencies, non-state entities, non-governmental organizations, and multi-national corporations play in ordering foreign relations? (3)How do the foregoing methods and roles differ across contexts of war, occupation, aid, trade, sanctions, finance, and migration? We will address the preceding descriptive questions’ normative corollaries as well. By both canvassing and critiquing foreign relations history, law, and policy, students will acquire the basic knowledge and skills required for analysis and argument within the field.

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