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Transfer Admissions

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Transfer Student

Transfer Eligibility

Law students in good academic standing who have completed at least one full year of study leading to a J.D. degree in schools accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA) or the Association of American Law Schools (AALS) may apply for admissions to Syracuse as transfer applicants.

After transferring, students must earn at least 58 of the credits required for the J.D. degree at Syracuse University College of Law. A maximum of 29 credits can be transferred in to the College of Law.

Syracuse Law Transfer Students

Opportunities available to transfer students can include:

  • Participation in the On Campus Interview Program through the Office of Professional & Career Development
  • Access to Professional Development’s on-line job postings
  • The opportunity to compete in the Syracuse Law Review & Journal of International Law & Commerce write-on competitions
  • Pursuing a joint degree
  • Earning a certificate by participating in a College of Law center or institute
  • Participating in a clinic or externship
  • Joining a Syracuse University College of Law student organization
  • Law in London summer program
  • Entering Transfer Student Checklist

Transfer Application Requirements

  • Application form; transfer applicants should apply using the same application form as first year JD candidates and check the box indicated for transfer
  • Letter of good standing from the applicant's law school
  • An original CAS report from Law Services (or a file copy sent directly from the Office of the Registrar at the applicant's law school.)
  • At least one letter of recommendation from a faculty member at the applicant's law school
  • A current official full year transcript of all coursework completed at the applicant's law school.

Transfer application deadline:  June 1

  • Transfer applications are typically considered between July 10 and August 10
  • Applications will not be reviewed until all first-year grades have been received in official form

Transfer of Credit Policy

Policy for granting credits from another ABA-accredited law school (Transfer)

In order to graduate from the Syracuse University College of Law, a student is required to have 87 credits and 6 units of residency.  One unit of residency is acquired each semester upon successful completion of a full time course load of 12+ credits.  A transfer student must earn a minimum of 58 credits at Syracuse University College of Law in order to fulfill the 87 credit hour requirement.  Additionally, these 58 credits must be fully graded if a student wants to be eligible for honors upon receipt of the J.D. diploma. 

The credits earned from the transferring school will be recorded on a pass basis if the grades received are equivalent to a "C" or higher.  Transfer students may receive credit for the following first-year required courses if the grades received are "C" or higher and the course content is materially the same:

Civil Procedure
Legal Communications & Research I & II
Criminal Law
Constitutional Law I
Legislation and Policy

Additional upper division requirements include:

Professional Responsibility
Legal Communications & Research III
Legislation and Policy (L&P)

Additionally, prior to graduation, all students must successfully complete the College of Law writing requirement.

Questions on these policies can be addressed to the Office of Admissions at 315/ 443-1962, or the Office of Student Life at 315/ 443-1146.