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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions 

What is your median GPA?  Median LSAT?

For the class of 2016, the median GPA was a 3.29 on a 4.0 scale, and the median LSAT was a 155.


Are you a national or a regional law school?

Syracuse is considered to be a national law school.  This means that we are known nationally, and that our graduates are placed in jobs all over the country (not just upstate New York).


When do you start accepting applications for the fall?

October 1st of each year.


What is the application deadline date?

April 1st of each year. Syracuse Law operates on a “rolling admission” basis, so students are encouraged to apply as early as possible.


What is the latest LSAT exam from which you will accept scores?

February. However, with permission from the Admissions Office, applicants may be allowed to use scores from the June LSAT for entry that fall.


What is your application fee?



Do you grant fee waivers?

Yes.  To request a fee waiver, a student should:

*Email admissions@law.syr.edu and provide the reason for needing the application fee waived and provide full name and LSAC#.  If granted, Admissions will individually assign a fee waiver for students through the electronic LSAC database so that the application fee will be automatically waived when s/he applies.


How many letters of recommendation do you require?

Syracuse Law does not require any letters of recommendation, but we strongly encourage applicants to have 1-3 letters.  These should be primarily from professors if the student is still in school, or from employers if the student graduated some time ago. 

We encourage applicants to have their recommendation letters sent through the LSDAS, but we will accept letters directly from the recommenders (on our form or on letterhead) as well. 

Syracuse will also accept the new LSAC Evaluation Service form.  These are not required and should not be used in place of standard letters of recommendation, but can be used to enhance an applicant's file.


Do you offer scholarships?

Yes - both merit and need based financial aid is available.  Merit awards are decided on by the Admissions Committee and no additional scholarship application is required.  Admitted students are notified within their admission packet if a merit scholarship has been awarded.  Need-based financial aid is determined by the Office of Financial Aid and students must complete the financial aid application process by the February 15th deadline to be considered.


Where do your students get jobs after graduation?

Our students find jobs all over the country.  Refer to Office of Professional Development webpages for more specific details and for a list of selected employers.


What is your Student to Faculty Ratio?

12 to 1


Where do your students come from?

Our students come from all over the country and the world.  Each year, approximately 35% - 45% are from New York State.  After New York, we generally get the largest number of students from California, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Jersey.  See Fast Facts for more specific information.


What is your bar passage rate?

The bar passage rate is determined only by Syracuse Law students who took the New York State bar exam. 

July, 2013 Bar:
SU Overall pass rate for 1st time test takers = 83.9%


Do you have a part-time program?

Yes.  Students may enroll on a part-time basis and complete the law degree in four years instead of three.  Part-time students take between 8-11 credits per semester and are enrolled in daytime classes with the rest of the full-time JD class.  Contact the Office of Admissions & Financial Aid at 315-443-1962 or the Office of Student Life at 315-443-1146 for more specific details on whether the part-time JD option will give you the flexibility you need!


Do you have any open houses?

The Admissions Office schedules individual visits for prospective students.  Once students have selected a date to visit, they should contact the Admissions Office at 315/443-1962 or admissions@law.syr.edu to make an appointment. Appointments can also be made online by clicking here.

We also hold Visitor Programs for admitted students during the spring.  Visitor Programs are held on 4 Fridays, usually during March and April.

For fall 2013 we will be holding an open house for prospective students interested in Syracuse Law who live in the Washington DC area.  This year's DC open house will be held on:

Saturday, November 16th
10:00am - 1:00pm
Greenberg House
2301 Calvert St., N.W.
Washington, D.C.  20008 


What are my chances of being admitted?

We cannot make this assessment without seeing a student’s entire application.  We review all pieces of an application - transcripts, LSAT scores, letters of recommendation, essays, and resumes.


How do you handle multiple LSAT scores?

According to the ABA/LSAC rules, we will use the highest LSAT score to calculate student’s index score when it is taken multiple times.  We will, however, see all attempts at the LSAT and consider each score when reviewing the application.  As a general rule, the highest LSAT score is the score that will be used to combine with the undergraduate cumulative GPA for the index score.