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First Year

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Sid Bahl
Taunton, MA
Suffolk University, University of Massachusetts (G)
Student Mentor
Interested in Corporate Law
Pursuing JD/Master's in Public Relations

"I chose Syracuse Law for its national reputation, respected alumni network, and amazing multidisciplinary options. I feel incredibly confident that the legal education I’m receiving here will put me in a position to thrive upon graduation. The faculty and staff go out of their way to facilitate that process and ensure that the experience is as rewarding as possible. The city of Syracuse is a great college town and allows you to avoid the invariable opportunity for distraction that many big cities have. I look forward to the rest of my time here and taking full advantage of the many opportunities afforded to me by the university."

Sid Bahl

Rachel Bangser
Ridgefield, CT
University of Delaware
Interested in Communications and Entertainment Law

"My family has strong ties to Syracuse (I’m the third generation to cheer for the Orange), and coming to SU Law felt like the perfect choice. Syracuse has an incredible variety of resources available for its students. One program in particular was the dual-degree opportunity with the Newhouse School. This dual-degree option was very appealing when weighing my decision. If you factor in an expansive and enthusiastic alumni network, knowledgeable faculty, a brand-new building for Fall 2014, and an environment that allows you to enjoy life outside of the classroom, it’s clear that SU is a law school that outshines the rest."

Rachel Bangser

Kate Chmielowiec
Buffalo, NY
Houghton College
Interested in JAG Corps

"I chose SUCOL because of the vast opportunities available for students to earn a hands-on legal education. Coming to law school, I was undecided on an area of law to practice. After researching the large number of clinics, institutes, and clubs, it became clear to me that SUCOL was the best place to decide on an interest area. When visiting the school, I found that the professors were friendly, open, and took an interest in their student's success. This was incredibly important to me and was one of the main reasons why I selected this school. SU Law also offers joint degree programs with various schools and many can be completed within three years. All of these reasons made SUCOL the perfect choice for me."

Kate Chmielowiec

Camille Daley
Kennesaw, GA
Georgia Southern University
Interested in Criminal and International Law

“When I was looking for a law school, I wanted to find a school that offered flexibility. Syracuse Law has given me that. I am from Georgia, but do not have any definite plans on practicing in the South. I wanted to go to a school that had a national reach and reputation so that I wasn’t limited regionally. The alumni network at Syracuse is so vast and far reaching that I have endless opportunities to practice anywhere in the country or abroad. Another factor that I considered when choosing a law school was the interaction that students had with professors. I visited Syracuse for the Visitors Day Program, and truly felt as though the professors were excited and passionate about their respective fields and about educating law students. It was an impression that left a mark, I felt as though Syracuse could become my home.”

Camille Daley

Christopher Jennison
Silver Spring, MD
Syracuse University, University of Pennsylvania (MPA)
Interested in International Law and Criminal Law

“I chose Syracuse Law because this was the only school that had everything I was looking for: a collegial student body and staff that works to support one another; a major University with unparalleled opportunities; an elective course in the spring semester of the first year; and the ability to spend a semester in Washington, D.C. SU Law has been a great choice.”         

Christopher Jennison

Matthew Jones
Plano, TX
University of Arkansas
Interested in Public Service and JAG Corps

"I chose Syracuse Law because from the first moment I set foot on campus it felt like home. It felt like I was right down the road, not 1500 miles away. I also wanted to go to a school where I could go anywhere in the country, and people would know what school it was, and recognize the honor of having a degree at that instituion. I also wanted to get out of my bubble and explore other parts of the country to learn from people who think differently than me."

Brooke Koester
Ottoville, OH
The Ohio State University
Interested in Corporate Law and Public Policy

"I am the type of person that needs to make pro and con lists for every decision I make. After comparing all of my law school options, it only made sense for me to attend Syracuse Law. The biggest factor in my decision to come here was the community presence throughout the school. The student mentor, faculty mentor and student tutor programs allow students to get acquainted and feel secure within the school. I felt as though not only the administration and faculty want to help their students succeed, but so do their fellow classmates. The other main factor for me was the engaged alumni network. Syracuse is such a well known name, with so many alums all over the U.S. wanting to help other SU grads. With these major factors, as well as some smaller ones, it became an easy choice in picking Syracuse Law to further my career!"

Brooke Koester

Peter Levrant
Oak Park, IL
Virginia Military Institute, University of Colorado-Denver (G)
Interested in National Security Law

"After 5 years of working, I wanted to go to a school that offered professional and academic opportunities outside of the typical course load as early as the first year; I found that and so much more at Syracuse Law. The possibilities are limitless with the College of Law’s diverse academic programs. The clinics, student organizations, centers that provide targeted real-world experience, and joint degrees from the leading graduate schools make Syracuse Law unique. I also went to a small college and loved the intimacy of being a part of a small class. Syracuse Law provides that familiar and nurturing atmosphere, while being situated on the main campus within arms-reach of all the resources of Syracuse University. Ultimately, I couldn’t be happier here and it seems like every day I discover something new and exciting that will enhance my future career."

Peter Levrant

Meghan Liptak
Manlius, NY
University of Rochester
Interested in Estate and Real Estate Law

"Syracuse Law had always been my top choice for where I wanted to start my law career. As a Syracuse native, I was aware of Syracuse University at a young age. Once I learned about Syracuse College of Law, I knew it was where I needed to be.  What drew me in at first was the campus and the surrounding area. What ended up winning me over was Syracuse’s reputation and their alumni.  Many people I came across who had graduated from Syracuse had wonderful things to say about the school and are now in places of success. I have even been supervised at various law internships by alumni of the school. Syracuse offers a large university feel with an intimate classroom setting. The College of Law also offers numerous opportunities to get involved. The options are endless whether it be in an organization or participating in Pro Bono work. I knew being at Syracuse Law would be the first step in building a foundation for the legal career I wanted."

Meghan Liptak

Edwin Maldonado
Massapequa, NY
Adelphi UniversityInterested in Constitutional Law

"I chose Syracuse Law for a number of different reasons. When I stepped inside the Law School at one of the Admitted Student Days, I was met by a welcoming and supportive atmosphere. From the beginning of my application process, the admissions staff and the faculty were helpful, supportive,  and inviting. Since then, Syracuse Law has provided me with a well-rounded education and the chance to develop myself in a professional manner. Syracuse Law has immense support from the COL administration and is also immersed within the main campus of Syracuse University. The national reputation, accessible location, and beautiful campus confirmed that Syracuse Law was the best fit for me."

Edwin Maldonado

Katharine Miller
Boise, ID
Boise State University
Interested in International Law and Counterterrorism

"I chose Syracuse Law because of its expansive alumni network across all states and its national reputation for excellence. Coming from Idaho, I appreciated having alumni near my home state, making it easier to connect with the school even when across the country. When talking to students and alumni about Syracuse each expressed how supportive the professors were and how involved they were in wanting each student to succeed. That involvement made the choice easy for me because I knew I couldn’t get through law school without their support. I also chose Syracuse because I knew there were ample opportunities to become involved in 1L year, from Phi Alpha Delta to the law school run flag football teams. I knew that involvement would make my experience more than average."

Katharine Miller
Hannah Rakoczy-Kostrycky
Abington, PA
Pennsylvania State University
Interested in National Security Law

“I chose Syracuse Law for two reasons: first, because of the Law School’s association with INSCT (Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism) and second, because of the joint J.D./M.P.A. program.  Having studied National and Global Security as an undergraduate I was excited by the prospect of continuing my studies at a law school affiliated with an internationally recognized research institute.  Additionally, the M.P.A. Program at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs has been rated among the top in the country.  Where most schools require an additional fourth year to complete a joint program, at Syracuse you can get a Master’s degree from a top rated program in only three years.  For me, the choice was a no-brainer.”

Hannah Rakoczy-Kostrycky

Victoria Ratcliffe
Rochester, NY
Rollins College
Interested in Family Law and Criminal Defense

"I chose Syracuse Law because I felt they were invested in the advancement of both the school and its students. Through my own research, and at the Admitted Students Days, I found that Syracuse Law is dedicated to the success of their students. The Student Life Office, Career Development Office, and dual-degree programs are invaluable features of Syracuse Law and sets them apart from other law schools. The school also has a national reputation with an active and wide-reaching alumni network. The most exciting feature was Dineen Hall, the new home of the College of Law that will only enhance the plentiful features that Syracuse has to offer."

Victoria Ratcliffe

Shannon Robin
Dade City, FL
University of Florida
Interested in International Law

"The biggest factor that influenced me to choose Syracuse College of Law was the staff and atmosphere. I’m from Florida and moving to New York for school was a big decision. Since it is such large distance, it was important to me that I feel at home. The staff here goes above and beyond for students, creating an amazing atmosphere at the school. No matter what department you are interacting with, they are more than willing to go the extra mile for the students."

Kristin Warner
Canastota, NY
Syracuse University
Interested in Copyright and Commercial Transactions

"There are a few reasons why I chose to come to Syracuse University College of Law.  I grew up in the Central New York area and went to Syracuse University for undergrad.  I have been an Orange fan since birth and have loved this school for as long as I can remember. The fact that SUCOL is a great school with wonderful professors and resources facilitated my decision as well. The school offers great scholarship opportunities and the new law school (Dineen Hall) opening in Fall 2014 is going to be amazing. Syracuse has been a part of my life for a long time, and I was proud to be able to continue my affiliation with what I think of as one of the best schools in the country."

Kristin Warner

Molly White
Portage, MI
Western Michigan University
Interested in Counterterrorism and crimes against humanity

"I came to Syracuse to get away from Michigan. In all honesty, I actually chose to attend Syracuse Law because I believe it has the best opportunities for counterterrorism and crimes against humanity law.  Syracuse has world-renowned professors, who are more than willing to help students further their law career.  Moreover, they are interested in what we as students are planning for our law careers.  Nowhere else would I have had the opportunity to volunteer on a project that multiple government and international agencies will review.  Unlike many schools where law remains an abstract idea we learn from books, Syracuse gives its students real world experience."

Molly White