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Outside Scholarship Opportunities

The College of Law Financial Aid Office has identified a number of outside scholarships for which Syracuse law students may be eligible (we have over 150 listed in our database!).  This index of scholarships is a sample of what is available to students pursuing a legal education.  Many other scholarship opportunities exist, however, it takes commitment and determination to locate relevant opportunities and complete the application process.

Students receiving financial aid from the College of Law are required to report all external scholarships and grants that they receive from sources other than the University. Federal regulations require these awards be used in determining eligibility for financial assistance.

Here are some tips to use while searching for outside scholarships:

To get started, think of searching in terms of concentric circles:

1. Your Small Circle should consist of familiar places and faces:

  •      Family
  •      Friends

2.  Your Medium Circle should begin to expand your search but keeping it fairly local:

  •     Employer
  •     Local newspaper
  •     Local Businesses
  •     Community Clubs/Services

3.  Your Large Circle should include all possibilities of searching:

  •    State Education Departments
  •    Scholarship search engines
  •    National Clubs/Organizations

Before you apply for any scholarship, please consider the following:

1.  Be mindful of the deadline.  We have listed the deadlines by month.  The deadline could be the 1st day of that month.  We suggest submitting your application at least 2 weeks prior to the deadline.

2.  Be curious.  Review all of the requirements for each scholarship.  For example, just because it may be offered by a women's organization does not mean that the scholarship is for women only.

3.  Have an editor.  Complete a rough draft of your application and then have at least one other person edit your application for you.

4.  Notify us.  Be sure to report any scholarships you've received from outside agencies to the College of Law Financial Aid Office.  These scholarships are used in determining your eligibility for federally funded financial assistance.

5.  Be gracious.  When you have received a scholarship, consider composing a thank you to show your gratitude.  You may also consider this a networking opportunity for you.  Inform the sponsor why they made the best choice by selecting you as a recipient.

Please note that many of the organizations listed in this scholarship database will change their deadlines, application requirements, and scholarship availability. You should consult the organization’s website for the most up-to-date information.  If you have questions about any of the scholarships listed or find errors in what we've listed, please contact us.