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Types of Financial Aid

Types of Financial AidSyracuse University Graduate Fellowships

Syracuse University awards fellowships each year to selected graduate students - including law students - who exhibit exceptional academic promise. Awards consist of a full tuition scholarship plus a generous stipend. Full-time matriculated graduate students in all fields of study at the University are eligible to hold these fellowships. The College of Law considers applicants with outstanding records of academic achievement at the undergraduate and/or graduate level for these prestigious awards. Applicants who believe they may qualify for a university fellowship are urged to complete the application process for admission by January 31. Fellowship candidates who are recent undergraduate or graduate students are encouraged to provide academic letters of recommendation along with their admissions application. Fellowship candidates who are not recent students should provide recommendation letters from persons familiar with their qualifications for the study of law.

College of Law Scholarships

The College of Law awards merit based scholarships to incoming first-year students to recognize their prior outstanding academic achievements and to students who demonstrate exceptional promise for law study. Merit scholarships are awarded without regard to financial need.  Entering students who believe they may qualify for a scholarship are urged to complete the application process for admission by January 31. Scholarship candidates who are recent undergraduate or graduate students are encouraged to provide academic letters of recommendation along with their admissions application.

Scholarships are renewable from year to year as long as the recipient remains in good academic standing and maintains a minimum Grade Point Average, ranging from 2.80 to 3.00 depending upon the type of scholarship. Students must be enrolled full time to receive a scholarship. Scholarships may only be applied toward tuition charges.   Complete details regarding the renewal of merit-based scholarships are outlined in the Financial Aid Policy Statement.

See the grid below for statistics on College of Law Scholarship retention.

Students Matriculating In: Number of Entering Students with Conditional Scholarships: Number Whose Conditional Scholarships Have Been Reduced or Eliminated:
Fall 2011 72 7
Fall 2012 66 11

College of Law Tuition Grants

The College of Law awards partial tuition grants to students who qualify based on their demonstrated financial need. Tuition grants are not automatically renewable; as with all need-based financial aid, students must reapply each year. Tuition grants may only be applied toward tuition charges.

Federal Work Study Program

Federal work study (FWS) funds are awarded to a limited number of students on the basis of their demonstrated financial need. These awards provide compensation from part-time employment opportunities. FWS students may be employed at the College of Law as research assistants or library aides, in other University departments or offices, in government agencies, or in nonprofit organizations. Pay rates vary from minimum wage to approximately $12 per hour. The College of Law awards work study funds to first-year students as well as returning students. Federal Work Study is only available for the fall and spring semesters at Syracuse University College of Law. The American Bar Association (ABA) prohibits full time law students from working in excess of 20 hours per week while they are enrolled in classes.

Federal Educational Loans (William D. Ford Direct Loan Program)

Direct Loans are low cost educational loans made available to eligible students directly from the Department of Education. There are two types of Direct Loans: Unsubsidized and Graduate PLUS. Through the Unsubsidized Direct Loan, eligible law students may borrow up to $20,500 per academic year and as much as $138,500 for all post-secondary education. Through the Graduate PLUS Loan, the maximum annual amount is the educational cost of attendance, as determined by the school, minus any other financial aid the student borrower receives. The Graduate PLUS Loan does not have an aggregate limit.

Federal Veterans Administration Benefits

There are a variety of Educational Benefist for Veterans available to qualified veterans and/or their dependents who attend law school.  Syracuse University College of Law is a proud participant of the Yellow Ribbon Program. Eligible students in the 100% tier have all of their tuition and educational expenses covered by funds from the Post 9/11 GI Bill when matched with funds from the Syracuse Yellow Ribbon program.

To apply for VA benefits, log onto the VA website.

Contact the Syracuse Law Financial Aid Office at 315-443-1963 or send an email to financialaid@law.syr.edu if you have questions about the Steps to Apply for VA Benefits

For more information about resources and services available to Syracuse University student-veterans, please contact the Syracuse University Veterans' Resource Center at 315-443-3261 or send an email to veterans@syr.edu.