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International Student Information

International Students Office of International Services
Information for international students from Syracuse University's main campus Office of International Services. Find out about the I-20 and visa process, important dates and other details to help you plan for your arrival in the  United States.

Proof of Financial Support Documentation
University policy requires that all applicants who are not United States citizens must provide proof of financial support to cover the cost of attendance for at least one academic year's expenses.  This documentation is a routine part of the admissions process for all international applicants and is required before an appropriate visa can be issued.

Documentation demonstrating proof of financial responsibility must be either from the applicant or the applicant's sponsor. If from the applicant, the documentation must be in the form of an official bank statement showing that the applicant has on deposit funds sufficient to cover all educational costs. Or, if from a sponsor, the documentation must be in the form of a letter stating that she/he will be financially responsible for all of the applicant's educational expenses. The sponsor must also provide current documentation, in the form of an official bank statement, showing that she/he has on deposit a sum sufficient to cover all educational costs for the applicant. Our student budget for the academic year 2012/2013 is approximately $63,000.