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Syracuse Law's Best Assets

Syracuse Law's Best Assets

by Christine Szpet

After completing the first semester of my 1L year, it’s nice to take a minute to reflect on what I enjoy most about going to law school at Syracuse.  Here is my “Top Twelve” list:

  12. I learned how to make a motion to dismiss for the failure to state a claim.

  11. I now own a dictionary.  And I use it regularly.

  10. My classmates have proven themselves to be very creative and entertaining.

    9.  I learned how to edit my writing.

    8.  My professor invited our entire class to Thanksgiving dinner at his house. The turkey and   mashed potatoes were delicious.

    7.  There is free coffee in the library during exam week….and free printing all the time.

    6. Our professors have an open door policy.  

    5. The IT staff can actually help you when your computer doesn’t work.

    4. I love my outlines.

    3. The gym is less than a five minute walk from the law school.

    2. I study in groups.

    1. I enjoy writing to-do lists. I enjoy checking things off my to-do list even more. I do both every week.

Syracuse Law has a lot to offer. The diversity found in each incoming class provokes thoughtful discussions and debates.  The faculty and staff are not just approachable and accessible; they are passionate about providing the students with a solid legal education. The alumni are committed to networking with both current students and recent graduates across the country. 

Whether you’re attending law school because you’re interested in politics or helping people, the College of Law teaches you how to write and think like a lawyer. My classmates have challenged me and supported me both inside and outside of the classroom.  Professors here actually enjoy answering your questions. And the library really is a nice place to study.

When you’re deciding what law school to attend, try to picture yourself walking down the hallways with a backpack full of books. Imagine yourself getting involved at Syracuse Law and envision if this is the place for you!

Questions?  Find me on the Law Ambassador website.

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