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Visiting Law Schools

Bringing My Souse to Syracuse

by Kristin Warner (1L)

Making the choice to go to law school is a big decision. It becomes an even bigger decision when you are in a committed relationship. People will tell you how time consuming studying law can be, but you cannot even begin to fathom the actual amounts of your time it eats away at until you are there. For every hour you are in the classroom, you should expect to do two to three hours of outside work.  It turns out to be more time consuming than a full time job. When you have someone at home, it can be difficult trying to manage your time effectively so that you don’t completely neglect your significant other. 

I am very lucky in that I have an extremely supportive husband who understands that for the next three years, school comes first. He was the one who encouraged me to come to school in the first place, and going through this crazy experience with someone you love more than makes up for the time lost. 

As every professor and staff member will tell you, you cannot study all of the time.  It is just as important to give yourself some time off from the grind and participate in activities that will help keep you healthy both physically and emotionally.  For me, I try to make sure I have all of my work done for the week early so that my husband and I can have a “date night” on Thursday evenings. It is important to make the time for your significant other and by allotting time every week to spend together; it makes it easier when you have to be apart. Being in law school while you are married is a sacrifice, but the support and encouragement you receive is priceless.  Law school can be stressful enough by itself and being married does not have to add to the stress…in many ways, it helps alleviate it. 

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