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Visiting Law Schools

Creating your own experience

by Edwin Maldonado (1L)

There is no single version of what the law school experience is or should be. It goes without saying that each law student’s experience at Syracuse University College of law will be different. However, what determines each student’s experience is the same; it is rooted in the effort you put in, the opportunities you seek out, and the search for the field of law that most grabs you.  Syracuse law gives students a broad spectrum of opportunities for professional development and academic advancement. These opportunities range from a wide array of student organizations, law review, externship opportunities, study abroad programs, joint degree programs, and so much more. Each and every student can find a way to shape their experience to reflect their interests, passions, and aspirations. Be curious and explore what Syracuse Law has to offer. Doing so will shape your experience and will prepare you for the world after law school.

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