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Getting to Know Your Professors

Getting to Know Your Professors

by Emilee Gaebler

The professors who teach at Syracuse Law have been an incredibly important part of my law school experience so far.  I came into law school worried that this might not be the place for me.  I thought I was in way, way, way over my head, and that I certainly wasn’t going to understand the words coming out of my professor’s mouths.  In just the first few classes, I realized that my professors weren’t the unreachable geniuses I had pictured (well, at least the unreachable part); instead they were there to not only teach me the law, but guide me as well.
Every professor at Syracuse Law is ready to sit down and help you to better understand the material from class.  As a student you can take advantage of professor’s published office hours, or if that does not work with your schedule, all most require is a quick email requesting a specific time.  Between classes, it is a common sight to see professors and students walking down the hallways discussing the various issues that were raised that day. 
Not only do the professors make themselves readily available for course help, but they take an interest in your personal life.  The professors at Syracuse Law are mentors to their students, pushing us to publish our work, to join the various student activities available, and to really assess what we each individually want to make out of our law degree.  Professors that I had in my first semester of law school walk past me to this day to stop and chat with me.
The professors here are inspiring legal practitioners in an enormous variety of fields.  They want to work with you and help you understand the multitude of directions possible with a law degree.  They are easily approachable both in the school and at the various social functions during the school year.  Here at Syracuse Law, it takes almost no effort to foster a strong student-teacher relationship because SU Law professors educate us, advise us, joke with us, sponsor us, and truly get to know their students.

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