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Time Management as a First Year Student

Time Management as a First Year Student

by Bridget McCullough

Transitioning to the first year of law school is both exciting and difficult. I found right away that a critical skill to master quickly is how to effectively manage your time. Good time management skills are essential for a successful first year (and beyond).  I found it helpful to create a schedule just after arriving on campus – and stick to it! Get into a routine. During the first few weeks of the semester, find places that are quiet and comfortable to study. You will be studying more than you have ever studied before, so it is important that your study spots do not have any distractions and you can be productive.
At some point everyone is going to fall behind trying to balance their coursework and outside responsibilities. The important thing to remember is to stay calm and maintain your focus. Most importantly, go to class!  Even if you have not yet done the assigned reading, skipping class really counts against you. At the end of the semester your professor is the one writing the exam questions, not the author of the casebook.  Unlike college, doing the reading is not going to be enough to master the subject matter.
In law school it is important that you try your best to stay current with your coursework, even if it means staying in to study on Friday and Saturday nights. The next week you will feel better prepared and a lot less stressed. The key to succeeding and managing the first year course load is planning ahead and using every bit of time you have wisely. And, if time management isn’t your best skill, the Office of Student Life can give you tips and help you make a plan. It’s that important!

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