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Matriculation Requirements

Confirming Acceptance
If you've decided to attend Syracuse Law you will need to take the following steps to secure your seat in the fall 2012 entering class:

  • Submit online Intent to Register form and advance deposit payment of $500 by the first advance deposit deadline.
  • Submit online Intent to Register form and advance deposit payment of $500 by the second deposit deadline.

Your deposit must be received no later than the deposit deadline dates listed on your Intent to Register form. If these materials are not received by the deposit deadline, your place in the entering class will be reassigned to another applicant.

Both the advance deposit payment and the second deposit payment will be applied toward tuition and fees and is non-refundable in the event a student does not matriculate. We recommend that all payments done by personal check be returned to the Admissions Office via certified mail.

Additional Matriculation Requirements
In addition to the above-named materials required to secure a student's place in the entering class, the student must submit the materials listed below to complete the requirements of their acceptance. Entering students will be ineligible to matriculate in the absence of these materials. 

Transcript must show the award of a baccalaureate degree from the student's degree-granting college or university, and must be submitted directly to the College of Law Admissions Office from the institution awarding the degree. Transcripts included with an LSDAS report will not be sufficient for this purpose.

  • Final, official, degree-bearing transcript      Deadline: July 1, 2012
    It is an ABA requirement that all entering students have a DEGREE-BEARING undergraduate transcript in their file prior to beginning law school.  If you are graduating this year and your Registrar's Office has not yet posted your degree earned and the date received, please ask that they wait to send your transcript to us until both have been posted.
  • Digital photos of the applicant     Deadline: July 1, 2012
    The College of Law requires a digital photo of yourself for use in your permanent file, creation of your SU Student ID Card, and for a College of Law photo directory. The directory will be distributed to College of Law faculty and the entire incoming class. By submitting your digital photo, you agree to have it included in the first-year photo book and distributed to the faculty and your 1L classmates. Please send these photos in digital format to admissions@law.syr.edu, and include your name in the subject line of your email. Photos must be in jpeg format and no more that 2 MB. Your photo should also be; a high quality, clear photo with a plain background, a front view of your whole face, with no others in the photo, taken within the last three months, and taken without a hat or dark glasses.
  • Payment of tuition                                           Deadline:  July 25, 2012
  • Mandatory Health Form                                  Deadline:  Prior to arrival on campus 

Complete the health form found in the link above and submit to the Syracuse University Health Services Office at the address on the top of the health form.  Do not submit to the Admissions Office.  Although the form says the due date is June 1st, law students need only to have the form submitted prior to your arrival on campus.