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LEO Fact Sheet

Summer 2012
Program Fact Sheet

Goals and Objectives
I. To provide a rigorous introduction to the first year law school experience through the use of a three week classroom process designed to develop legal reasoning and writing skills, to assess and improve writing competency, and to teach study skills strategies appropriate for law students.

II. To provide opportunities for students to interact socially with each other, the law school faculty and administration, and upper-class students as a means to ease the transition into law school, to reduce isolation and alienation, to introduce avenues of support, and to provide role models.

Opening Day
It is mandatory for LEO students to complete the comprehensive three-week LEO Program. LEO Opening day will take place on Monday, July 30th, 2012. You must be prepared to begin law school on that day. The schedule will be full of activities including registration for classes; attending your first law class; meeting with faculty; purchasing books; touring the law school buildings and University campus; and socializing with other LEO participants, current law students, faculty and staff.
Please plan to be in the College of Law, Winifred MacNaughton Hall, Room 204, no later than 8:45 a.m. on Monday, July 30, 2012.  

The LEO Program will begin on July 30, 2012 and conclude on August 17, 2012. The program is comprised of the following components:
Law and the Legal System:Daily classes will be conducted by faculty and staff of the Office of Student Life using a set of cases and materials developed for the LEO Program. The classes will analyze the structure and function of the United States legal system and both the common law method and statutory lawmaking. Using a series of cases from the first year curriculum, students will be exposed to the rigorous study of law. All students will learn to read and brief cases, extrapolate rules of law from their readings and apply those rules to new fact patterns.
Law School Success: Students will be introduced to the Academic Achievement Program at the College of Law through classes that cover topics such as class preparation, note taking, outlining, analyzing and synthesizing, exam preparation and communicating.
Legal Writing Workshop:Daily classes will be taught by a Legal Writing Professor culminating with the students preparing an Office Memorandum.
Small Group Study Sessions:Teaching Assistants will lead sessions daily to debrief the day's material, work on assignments, and answer students' questions in an informal setting. The Teaching Assistants will also present on study skills such as class preparation, note taking, outlines, flowcharts and exam preparation.
The LEO Program will include a written examination and a memorandum of law. The LEO staff will set up individual appointments as part of the evaluation process. The academic year Orientation Program, which is mandatory for all incoming first-year students, will be held on August 20th through August 24th, 2012. Students should recognize that the LEO summer program will merge into the fall semester academic program.
Books and Supplies
LEO students are responsible to pay for their books and supplies for the LEO summer program. We estimate those costs to be approximately $300. You will purchase your books for the LEO Program on Monday, July 30th. The University Bookstore accepts cash or credit cards. Please plan accordingly.

Students are responsible for making their own housing arrangements off-campus. Please see the admitted student website for an optional list of apartments in the area.
The Admissions Office will make VIP parking arrangements for you in the Irving Parking Garage on Monday, July 30th for the LEO Program Opening Day. If you are seeking parking for the 3 weeks you may purchase a temporary 3 week parking permit at the Office of Parking Services located in the Skytop Office Building. This temporary permit will be issued for the West Lot, which is located right outside of the College of Law.
The Orange Law Insider – volume 4 will provide instructions on how to pre-purchase your parking permit for the year. If you choose not to participate in this pre-registration, you may purchase a parking permit at the Skytop Office Building on campus at any time. You will need to bring your vehicle registration and your Syracuse University ID card with you to purchase this permit.
Tuition and Fees
There is no tuition charge to students for the LEO Program. However, costs for books, supplies, food and other personal expenses are the responsibility of individual students. We are unable to offer any financial aid or to certify any student loans to cover these incidental costs of the LEO Program. Therefore, students attending the LEO summer program should arrive on campus with adequate resources to cover these out-of-pocket expenses.
Questions about financial aid for the academic year, including student loan programs, should be directed to the Law Financial Aid Office at 315/443-1963, or send an email to financialaid@law.syr.edu.

Financial Aid
Financial aid awards Financial aid awards have been determined for students who completed the application requirements for financial aid for the 2012-2013 academic year. Email was sent instructing financial aid recipients to log onto “MySlice” to view financial aid awards online. If you have not received this email and plan to utilize financial aid to help cover your cost of education, contact the College of Law Financial Aid Office immediately or log onto MySlice (see directions below) to determine what materials are missing from your financial aid application.
The Financial Aid To Do List is designed to inform you of requirements that you must fulfill to receive financial aid. Please log into "MySlice" at https://myslice.syr.edu and click on your "To Do List" to check the status of your financial aid application. Incomplete items must be attended to in order to complete the application requirements for financial aid. You should periodically log onto MySlice to view any newly added requirements that call for your attention.
Activate your NET ID and Password to log into MySlice, the University’s online information center. If you haven’t done so already, go to the Net ID web site at http://netid.syr.edu. Click on “Activate Your Net ID” and follow the directions on the screen. You will need your SUID number to complete the Net ID set-up. If you have misplaced your SU ID, please contact the Office of Admissions at 315-443-1962 or send an email to admissions@law.syr.edu. If you need help setting up your NetID, contact Syracuse University’s department of Information Technology and Services (ITS) by calling (315) 443-2677.
To finalize Federal Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loans, borrowers at the College of Law must complete the initiated items on their Financial Aid “To Do List” on MySlice. All first-time borrowers must complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN) for the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan. You only need to complete the William D. Ford Direct Loan MPN once (for either undergraduate, graduate, or law school) and the MPN will remain valid for 10 years. Once a valid Direct Loan MPN is on file, your Federal Direct Subsidized & Unsubsidized Loans will be processed for the amounts indicated on your award summary on MySlice. If you do not intend to borrow the Federal Direct Subsidized and/or Unsubsidized loans offered to you, please notify the Financial Aid Office in writing. Students who are first-time Federal Direct Loan borrowers must also complete an online “Entrance Interview” before the loans can be certified and disbursed. Both steps will be listed as initiated items on your online Financial Aid “To Do List” if they require your attention.
Graduate PLUS loans, are not automatically awarded by the Financial Aid Office; you must use the Budget Calculator on the College of Law website compute the amount you plan to borrow and apply for it separately. Your actual personal expenses may be lower than the College of Law’s estimated allocation. Do not over-borrow! Once you determine the amount you plan to borrow, proceed to the Apply for a Loan section to read step-by-step instructions and to link to the online application on the StudentLoans.gov website.

We strongly recommend that you keep track of your total debt and forecast the monthly repayment amounts that will be due. Please visit the Loan Repayment section for more information and a link to a federal student loan repayment calculator.

A brief presentation on financial aid will be given during the first week of the LEO program. Individual appointments with a financial aid counselor can be scheduled during Opening Day. If you have any questions about the financial aid process, please contact the Financial Aid Office at financialaid@law.syr.edu or call 315-443-1963.

Health Records
Your Health Record must be completed by you and your health care provider. The completed form must be returned to the University's Health Services Office prior to LEO Opening Day. Students who have not complied with this requirement will not be allowed to register. The address for the University’s Health Services Office is:

Syracuse University Health Services Office
111 Waverly Ave.
Syracuse, NY 13244-2320
Telephone: (315) 443-2666

You will be assigned a locker in the College of Law when you arrive for LEO Opening Day. This will be your locker assignment for the LEO Program and the 2012-2013 academic year. Plan to bring a combination lock for your locker.

Other Questions
Contact the Office of Admissions if you have questions about the LEO Program or Opening Day. We look forward to seeing you on July 30, 2012.