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College of Law News

Professor Mark Nevitt Discusses Climate-Related Disasters & Managed Retreat

Thursday 9/17/2020

Mark Nevitt, associate professor of law at Syracuse University and a former legal counsel with the Department of Defense Regional Environmental Counsel in Norfolk, Virginia, explores how managed retreat ahead of likely disaster is itself a key climate adaptation strategy ...

Mark P. Nevitt

Professor Shubha Ghosh Submits Public Interest Statement to Trade Commission

Tuesday 9/1/2020

Shubha Ghosh, Crandall Melvin Professor of Law, submitted a Public Interest Statement with the US International Trade Commission on Aug. 18, 2020 ...

Shubha Ghosh

Professor Mark Nevitt: Climate Change—A Threat to International Peace & Security?

Monday 8/31/2020

Is the climate-security century upon us? If so, what are the implications for international legal governance and institutions? In his recent Opinio Juris essay, based on his provocative and meticulously researched article, Atmospheric Intervention, Professor Martin argues that the climate change crisis may well exert pressure for change on the governing jus ad bellum regime ...

Mark Nevitt

Professor Nina Kohn in The Hill: Older Adults Are Feeling the Heat, Literally

Monday 8/31/2020

Changing temperatures, like other forms of climate change, may seem universal — but their impacts are far from it. One group particularly susceptible to its effects are older adults ...

Nina Kohn

Professor Dorfman: How an Unexpected Collaboration Led Utah to Amend its Discriminatory Triage Plan

Monday 8/31/2020

The disability community has a history of contention with the government over enforcing federal antidiscrimination mandates. Clashes have often erupted between the parties ...

Doron Dorfman

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