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College of Law News

Prof. Kanter and Yohannes Zewale LL.M. ’19 and Current S.J.D. Candidate Discuss Disability Rights and Citizenship on Panel

Monday 10/17/2022

Our understanding of citizenship can be transformed when viewed through the perspective of people with disabilities. How do disability rights fit into the modern Human Rights framework? Have universities become more accessible and if so for whom? Are disabled students fully included in higher education’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts? And how do disability rights in New York State and the United States compare to other countries?

Renewing Democratic Community: Disability Rights and Citizenship in the Modern Civil Rights Era Panel

College of Law Co-Sponsors Raise the Age Summit

Friday 10/14/2022

The College of Law co-sponsored the Raise the Age Summit this week in conjunction with the Franklin H. Williams Judicial Commission and the New York State Unified Court System Office for Justice Initiatives.

Raise the Age Summit

Associate Dean Suzette Meléndez Speaks on DEI Panel at the 2022 Associate Dean Conference at the Texas A&M School of Law

Friday 10/14/2022

Associate Dean Suzette Meléndez participated on a panel at the 2022 Associate Dean Conference at the Texas A&M School of Law earlier this month. Meléndez’s panel addressed issues related to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, including the recent addition of ABA Standard 303(c), which requires law schools to provide education to law students on bias, cross-cultural competency, and racism.

Associate Dean Suzette Melendez

3L Jorge Estacio Represents the College of Law at the ABA Business Law Section’s Annual Meeting

Tuesday 9/27/2022

3L Jorge Estacio recently met with senior government officials, big law partners, and judges from around the world at the ABA Business Law Section’s Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.

3L Jorge Estacio, second from right, at the ABA Business Law Section's Annual Meeting

Alum John Elmore L’84 Discusses Legal Representation of Buffalo Mass Shooting Victims' Families

Thursday 8/11/2022

College of Law alum John Elmore L’84 was profiled by the Washington Post on his legal representation of families of victims of the Buffalo mass shooting along with a fascinating look at his life and contributions to the city of Buffalo.

John Elmore L'84

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