Cost of Attendance

Listed below are the costs associated with attending Syracuse Law in the 2017-2018 academic year.  Tuition and Fees are directly billed; personal expenses such as books, housing, and meals vary from student to student.  Your costs may be lower than what we have estimated below, so we encourage you to use the Budget Calculator to project your own expenses for the academic year.

J.D. Tuition$47,860
J.D. Fees$2,106
J.D. Books/Supplies$1,625
Housing & Meals$13,100
Avg. Federal Loan Fees$1,204

Syracuse Law students are required to own a personal laptop computer and to keep it in good working order.  Students often use laptops in the classroom, to take exams, and to use AirOrangeX, Syracuse University's wireless network.  You are not required to purchase a new computer if it meets our minimum specifications.  However, if you do purchase a new computer and want to utilize federal student loan eligibility to help pay for it, you may submit the Cost of Attendance Adjustment Request for Laptop Purchase to the Financial Aid Office with receipts (proof of purchase) to document the cost you incurred to purchase a laptop computer for your legal studies.  The maximum budget adjustment for a computer purchase is $1,700.  Students may only request a computer budget adjustment once during their studies at Syracuse Law.

Syracuse University requires all full-time students to carry some form of ACA-compliant health insurance.  If you need to purchase health insurance (either through the university-sponsored plan or on your own), the cost of the policy may be included in your cost of attendance so that you may utilize federal student loan eligibility to help pay for your health insurance.  To request a budget adjustment, you may submit the Cost of Attendance Adjustment Request for Student Health Insurance.

If you have questions about the Syracuse University Health Insurance Policy and Plan, please visit the Student Health Insurance website send email to or call 315-443-9019Call this number.

Every student's financial situation is unique.  We'll work with you if you have educational expenses that are different from the standard amounts listed in the cost of attendance.  Please contact us at or call 315-443-1962Phone number to call for help on calculating a reasonable budget and keeping your student loan debt manageable.