Federal Financial Aid

The William D. Ford Direct Loan program allows eligible students to borrow fixed interest rate student loans and defer both interest and principal payments while in-school.  A variety of repayment options are available once students leave school, allowing everyone to develop a successful repayment strategy.  

Loans are disbursed at the beginning of each semester to students’ bursar accounts to first pay for direct charges (like tuition and fees).  Loans can help pay for personal expenses, too, so once the bill is satisfied enrolled students can request a refund from the Bursar’s Office to receive any credit balance leftover from disbursed student loans to help pay for living expenses like housing and food.

Refer to our chart, which gives a summary of the two Federal Direct Loans available to law students.

Federal Work Study awards provide eligible J.D. students with the opportunity to work part time and earn paychecks during the fall and spring semesters.  It is a myth that 1L students can’t work; however, law students must make the personal decision on how to balance the academic demands of law school and a part time job.