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Bloomberg Speaks to William C. Banks About President Trump's Latest Legal Issues

Tuesday 8/14/2018

William Banks, a professor at Syracuse University Law School, discusses the latest in the negotiations between President Trump’s legal team and Robert Mueller over a sit-down meeting between the President and the special counsel. He speaks with Bloomberg’s June Grasso on Bloomberg Radio’s “Politics, Policy, Power and Law” ...

William C. Banks

David Driesen Comments on the EPA vs. California Fuel Standards Controversy

Thursday 8/9/2018

“California does have compelling and extraordinary conditions,” [Driesen] said. “There are wildfires, and if the heat goes up in California, they have more severe local air pollution exacerbated by the heat, so it just doesn’t wash” ...

David Driesen

Communications Daily Discusses NYPSC vs. Charter Case with Shubha Ghosh

Thursday 8/2/2018

Ghosh doubted a court would agree the appropriate remedy is to banish Charter, especially since the goal was expanded service. Ghosh sees two sets of issues: “whether [Charter] has complied or not, and then if it hasn’t complied, what the next steps should be” ...

Shubha Ghosh

Throughout Summer, College of Law Faculty in Demand by Top-Tier Media

Monday 7/30/2018

College of Law experts have been in strong and constant demand throughout the summer months, even as their classrooms await the return of students in mid-August. In fact, it’s been an unprecedented summer of media requests to our faculty, with reporters regularly contacting the College media team for help with subjects ranging from the immigration crisis, patent cases, and disability and civil rights to the state of civility, New York State’s “cable crisis”, and veterans’ health care ...

Dineen Hall

Shubha Ghosh Weighs In on the Spectrum Cable vs. New York State Battle

Monday 7/30/2018

“The court does have some leeway on what the remedy would be, and it could be just a fine,” said Ghosh. “The court could order the company to expedite the expansion and fine it if it fails to do so. I would think the effort would be to get the company to move faster” ...

Shubha Ghosh

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