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College of Law News

Professor John Wolohan Addresses American Sports Gambling with The Daily Caller

Wednesday 10/20/2021

“Legal sports gambling brings everything above board. Now, if you were looking at the integrity of the game, you can follow where the money was going,” Wolohan told the DCNF. “The casinos can look at where every specific bet goes and recognize if there are unusual trends in bets placed” ...

John Wolohan

Professor William C. Banks Helps CNN Explain Steve Bannon 1/6 Subpoena

Wednesday 10/20/2021

“Historically, one of the remarkable things about the clash between the executive and the legislature in this kind of setting, involving executive privilege and congressional demands for information, is that almost all of the time the parties have negotiated a settlement.”

William C. Banks

WAER Interviews Professor Jenny Breen About CNY Ballot Measures

Wednesday 10/20/2021

... That’s even if you don’t know much about, understand, or agree with the most substantial one. Breen says the reapportionment amendment reduces legislative vote thresholds for approving the redrawn maps, making it a less bipartisan process ...

Jenny Breen

Houston Chronicle Interviews Professor Lauryn Gouldin About Bail Bonds

Monday 10/18/2021

“The way the bail bonds industry has become a significant piece … in jurisdictions is not really something I think of being anticipated in any laws anyway.”

Lauryn Gouldin

Professor Peter Blanck Addresses "Subminimum" Pay for Disabled Workers with Bloomberg

Wednesday 10/13/2021

“We’re at a novel time where people are looking for ways to reform the 14(c) program, and it’s not as simple as just raising the minimum wage for everyone,” Blanck said ...

Peter Blanck

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