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College of Law News

Professor Corri Zoli Speaks to Vox About China and Iran Meddling in US Elections

Wednesday 9/16/2020

“There’s no question China’s the most technologically sophisticated for influence campaigns that reach beyond just elections.”

Corri Zoli

Sports Law Expert John Wolohan Discusses College Athletics "Quasi-Bubbles" in WaPo

Friday 9/11/2020

By keeping athletes on campus during the pandemic, while sending other students home, it is signaling that athletes fall into a separate category. “We’re making them different,” said Wolohan, the sports law professor, adding that he thinks this scenario could be used in an argument against the NCAA when trying to determine whether athletes should be considered employees ...

John Wolohan

Nina Kohn on NursingHome411: Why LTC Residents are Facing Heightened Voting Barriers this Election

Wednesday 9/9/2020

Professor Nina Kohn joins the show to discuss voting barriers in long-term care settings and explain why it’s imperative that residents’ voting rights are protected in this election ...

Nina Kohn

Professor William C. Banks Speaks to Indus News About Legality of NSA Surveillance

Tuesday 9/8/2020

The US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has ruled that the National Security Agency surveillance program, which former NSA contractor Edward Snowden blew the whistle on, was unlawful ...

William C. Banks

Professor David Driesen Discusses Airline Fees & COVID-19 in LA Times

Friday 9/4/2020

“With demand slack because of COVID, they must offer flexibility to get people to fly at all,” observed David Driesen, law professor at Syracuse University. “In other words, these fees are not raising revenue now, they are lowering it” ...

David Driesen

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