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Peter Blanck Comments on College Website Accessibility Lawsuits

Monday 12/10/2018

... “It’s beside the point whether there are 50 or 1,000 lawsuits,” said Blanck. “These cases are reflective of a larger systemic problem—that there is a lack of a strong commitment by many institutions to try to be as inclusive as possible” ...

Peter Blanck

Robert Ashford Addresses Syracuse Poverty in The Daily Orange

Thursday 11/29/2018

​... Robert Ashford, a Syracuse University College of Law professor, said the report brought necessary attention to the persistent problem of economic distress in the area. The fact that the distress continues to be unevenly distributed along socioeconomic, racial and geographic lines, made worse by unequal educational and other economic opportunities, is also an important takeaway from the report, he added ...

Robert Ashford Covers Goldfarb Book Donation

Wednesday 11/28/2018

SU law school gets donation with RFK connection ​( | Nov. 27, 2018) ...

Jan Fleckenstein

William C. Banks Discusses Posse Comitatus & the US Military's Southern Border Deployment

Monday 11/26/2018

The controversial deployment in late October 2018 of 5,800 US servicemembers to the US-Mexico border in response to a perceived migration and asylum crisis has caused a media stir. Not unsurprisingly, questions about the legality of the deployment have arisen, especially in the wake of a November 20 White House “Cabinet Order” further allowing troops to perform law enforcement functions and use lethal force, potentially in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act. Professor Emeritus William C. Banks, author of Soldiers on the Home Front: The Domestic Role of the American Military, has answered some of these questions for Military Times, Vox, PRI, Just Security, and elsewhere.

William C. Banks

Keith Bybee Discusses Post-Election Well-Being with Thrive

Thursday 11/8/2018

While the elections may have left you feeling tired, angry, or even numb, we must press on and fight for the change we want to see. But first, we must reflect and recharge. Thrive Global checked in with Keith J. Bybee, Ph.D., a professor of law and political science at Syracuse University and the author of How Civility Works, to gather some tips on how we can hit refresh on our lives after a tumultuous and tense year ...

Keith Bybee

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