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Westlaw, Lexis & Bloomberg Law Guidelines

Ted Holynski, Westlaw/Lexis, and Bloomberg Law Coordinator,

Westlaw, Lexis, and Bloomberg Law Access Policy

First year Law students receive Westlaw, Lexis, and Bloomberg Law training and individual passwords in their first semester. Student passwords are valid for the rest of the student's career at the College of Law.

The sharing of passwords with others violates our agreements with these companies. Restrictions on the use of passwords are explained in the contract which students enter into with these services when they receive their personal passwords.

For access and use questions, students should contact the services' student representative through their respective law school web pages.  Questions can also be directed to the following customer service lines:
  • Westlaw Customer Service: 1-800-Westlaw
  • Lexis Customer Service: 1-800-543-6862
For further information, see the Library's "Westlaw & Lexis Use Policy" available from the Law Library's Reference Desk.

Student Representative Service

College of Law students may request password information and instructional materials from the Westlaw & Lexis student representatives.

Westlaw, Lexis, and Bloomberg Law Training

Westlaw and Lexis training is provided by the representatives from each service. Please contact the student representatives to address your online research training needs. The toll-free Westlaw and Lexis customer service lines can also provide excellent research assistance.
  • Westlaw Customer Service: 1-800-Westlaw
  • Lexis Customer Service: 1-800-543-6862
For special research needs, please contact Ted Holynski at (443-9453) or tjholyns@law.syr.edu.

The Reference Staff of the Law Library are also available to assist authorized users with online search strategies.

Password & Printing Troubleshooting

Lost password assistance is provided by the student representatives.

When the Student Representatives are not available, please contact Westlaw and Lexis Customer Service:
  • Westlaw Customer Service: 1-800-Westlaw
  • Lexis Customer Service: 1-800-543-6862
All problems with the Westlaw and Lexis student stand alone laser printers, located in the computer centers should be brought to the attention of the Student Representatives. They are responsible for stocking their laser printers with toner and paper.