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Remote Access to Electronic Resources

Remote access to Law Library licensed databases is available through our search interface and through the resource links on the Law Library's web pages and through the Summit online catalog.

Authorized users can connect to these resources using valid NetID logins from laptops connected to the AirOrangeX wireless network and from computers outside the College of Law.  Annotations on our Electronic Resources pages and in the Summit catalog provide information on authorized users and access provisions.  

When accesssing the web resource links from off-site computers or laptops connected to AirOrangeX, users will be prompted for their NetID usernames and passwords.  Authorized users entering valid NetID information will directly connect to the database or electronic resource.  NetID information can be obtained through Syracuse University's Office of Information Technology and Services.

Users connecting from College of Law-based wired networked computers will directly access the resources without the NetID login prompt.

Finding Law Library Licensed Databases

All Law Library licensed databases are accessible through the Law Databases tab on our search interface on the Law Library's main page.  The licensed databases and links are also grouped on broad category Electronic Resources web pages (Full-Text Databases, Topical Resources, E-Journals, Indexes, Federal Resources, etc.) along with other library material and unrestricted websites.  Please see our complete List of Databases for titles, links, descriptions and content information, and access provisions.

More About Licensed Databases

The Law Library licenses a variety of databases and other electronic products for use by authorized users, generally College of Law faculty, students and staff.  Some resources include Syracuse University main campus (Non-Law) faculty and students as authorized users.  Specific contracts and licenses for each individual electronic product define authorized user groups and access provisions.  The College of Law is contractually obligated to uphold these provisions.  Please refer to the resource annotations on the Electronic Resources web pages for information on authorized users and access provisions specific to each individual resource.  

Questions and issues can be directed to:  Robert Weiner, Electronic Services Librarian at rjweiner@law.syr.edu.