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Electronic Resources & Services

LEXIS & WESTLAW Guidelines

Full-time College of Law Faculty may request Lexis and Westlaw passwords and instructional materials from Reference Librarian, Ted Holynski. In addition, Research Assistants are granted full faculty privileges on both systems to facilitate faculty research.  In the Fall semester, Research Assistants are offered a schedule of training opportunities on Lexis and Westlaw, as well as in traditional research methods.  Part time and Adjunct College of Law Faculty may have access to passwords only for the semester or semesters in which they are teaching at the College of Law. These passwords should be used for law school related research only. Policies for visiting faculty and research fellows vary.

Training and Troubleshooting
Lexis and Westlaw training and related assistance (downloading, printing and file management) are normally provided by the Lexis and Westlaw Student Representatives.  Their schedules, with contact information, are posted at the beginning of each semester.  Student Representatives may be reached at other times by leaving messages with Ted Holynski.

Passwords for Your Students from Outside of the College of Law
Non-law students registered for COL courses are eligible for temporary Lexis and Westlaw passwords, valid for the duration of the course.  To obtain passwords, students should see the Lexis and Westlaw student representatives in the Barclay Computer Center.  

Research Assistance
Law Library Reference Librarians are available to assist faculty with their online research reference needs.  Both Lexis and Westlaw also have staff attorneys available through Customer Service who assist users with their research questions and problems. For Lexis Customer Service, call 1-800-543-6862. For Westlaw Customer Service, call 1-800-Westlaw.   Faculty LEXIS laser printers, which permit dual column printing, are available for Faculty use only. These printers may be used by Research Assistants for Faculty research projects.   Lexis faculty laser print requests are sent to the Lexis faculty printer located in E.I. White Hall Room 244. The print jobs, if not picked up shortly after printing, are placed in a Lexis print out organizer tray. 

Other Electronic Resources and Notification Services

In addition to Lexis and Westlaw, the Law Library provides other electronic resources in support of College of Law faculty research and instruction.  This selective list includes brief product descriptions and indicates how faculty members may subscribe and/or access the resource. These resources, as well as additional databases, are accessible from the Electronic Resources web pages or through the Law Databases tab on the search interface on  the library's homepage. Remote access to Law Library electronic resources is available through the links on these pages or through the search interface.  For additonal information on remote access, please see our Remote Access to Electronic Resources web page.  Questions may be directed to your Liaison Librarian or to Robert Weiner, Electronic Services Librarian (443-5424).

BNA Email Notification Services
The Law Library currently subscribes to all of the BNA web-based services.  E-mail notifications are available which provide news alerts to key developments with links to the full text of the article.    

To Subscribe to BNA E-mail Notification Services:
  Contact Robert Weiner, Electronic Services Librarian (443-5424).

To Access BNA Publications & Services:  Our BNA web page contains links to all of the BNA publications and services.  This page is accessible through the Law Databases tab on our main page search interface and through the Topical Resources page found under Electronic Resources in the left navigation of our main page.   

Faculty have access to the CALI collection of hundreds of interactive, electronic lessons covering many legal education subject areas.  CALI CDs are given to all first-year law students by the Law Library.  Students and faculty can access the lessons from the CD-ROM or from the CALI website. 

To access the lessons and other services via the web, students and faculty must register on the CALI website.  To register, faculty should navigate to the CALI website and select Create new account.  The registration form should be completed using the faculty authorization code available from Robert Weiner, Electronic Services Librarian.  Once registered, faculty can create lessons, customize existing lessons, link to the lessons from course web pages and track student usage. 

CILP (Current Index to Legal Periodicals and the SmartCILP Notification Service
The Law Library subscribes to the Current Index to Legal Periodicals, an electronic index and table of contents service of the University of Washington Law Library.  Generally available weeks before commercial vendors, CILP indexes over 500 legal publications within 100 subject headings.  All citations are in bluebook form. 

Faculty have the option of creating a SmartCILP profile which provides a customized version of CILP containing only those subject areas and/or journal titles of interest.  Subscribers receive a weekly e-mail version of CILP containing only the selected material.   To Subscribe to SmartCILP:  Point your browser to http://lib.law.washington.edu/cilp/scilp.html and select Create or Change a SmartCILP profile.  For affiliation, enter Syracuse University Law Library. You may request the authorization code from Robert Weiner, Electronic Services Librarian.

HeinOnline, Hein's historical collection of journal content, has been digitized for easy web access.  Unlike other vendors, HeinOnline displays text as it appeared in the original source making citation and footnote examination comparable to print research.  Database searching is available by author, title, or full text.  Browse searching is available by journal title, author, or article title.  HeinOnline contains the historic Federal Register and other notable historic legal collections.

IndexMaster compiles the indices and/or tables of content of secondary source material into a searchable database.  Materials include treatises, practice guides, and other resources.  When attempting to locate relevant resources, researchers can search by subject area and examine the actual indices and content tables to determine relevancy before actively pursuing the resource for purchase or through interlibrary loan. 

New Law Library Acquisitions Bulletin
Each month the Law Library publishes an electronic list of new books, audio/visual, and journal titles acquired during the previous month. The library publishes a news item on its homepage when a new bulletin is available. 

Social Science Research Network (SSRN)
The Law Library has a site license to the following SSRN networks: Legal Scholarship Network (LSN), the Economic Research Network (ERN), and the Financial Economics Network (FEN). 

To Subscribe to the LSN, ERN, and FEN Journals and Abstracting Services
:  All SSRN users must register on the SSRN website.  To register, Law faculty should point their web browser to http://hq.ssrn.com and follow the instructions for determining if an individual account already exists or if registration is necessary.  Once an ID and password have been obtained, faculty may login to the SSRN website and manage journal subscriptions.   After a successful login, faculty should click Subscriptions in the menu on the left side of the page.  Then click the Join icon to join a site license that has been acquired by your organization.  Enter Syracuse University in the search box and click Search.  Find the entry for Syracuse University and select See Departments until you reach the College of Law.  Click on Join and you will be provided with the available network subscriptions.  Make your selections and click Submit.  Follow the remaining instructions to complete the subscription process.