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Request Authorization through the Law Library's Copyright Clearance Center Permissions Service

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The Law Library's Authorization Service for College of Law faculty may be used to obtain permission for copying, distributing and republishing copyrighted print and electronic materials used in teaching and scholarship.  The service does not encompass audio-visual materials or web sites.

Once you have determined that authorization is required, you may submit a permission request to the Law Library using one of the forms below. (If you are not sure if authorization is necessary, see the Step by Step Guide to Copyright Compliance, Step 1: Determine If You Require Authorization.)

To submit a request, choose the appropriate form:

Form 1: Request Permission to Photocopy Copyrighted Material

Form 2: Request Permission to Use Copyrighted Material Electronically or Digitally

Form 3: Request Permission to Republish Copyrighted Material

Your completed form will be emailed directly to the appropriate Law Library staff member, who will use the Copyright Clearance Center online academic permissions service to process your request.  The Law Library will normally incur the pay-per-service fee for each transaction.

How Long Will It Take To Receive Authorization?

Turn-around time for requests varies; the Copyright Clearance Center has made arrangements with a number of publishers to expedite requests.  Some permissions may be granted quickly.  However, where an arrangement does not exist, or if the Center must research the copyright holder, turn-around time may be significantly longer.

What if the Copyright Clearance Center Is Unable to Process a Request?

The Copyright Clearance Center permissions service is not exhausive.  It does not encompass permissions for use of some printed material, audio-visual materials (such as audiotapes, videotapes, or DVDs) or web site contents.

The Law Library will notify you if a request through the Law Library's Authorization Service can not be filled by the Copyright Clearance Center.  In such cases, you may need to contact the copyright holder directly to obtain authorization for use of copyrighted material.  For assistance with identifying the copyright holder and preparing a request letter, see the Step by Step to Copyright Compliance, Step 3: What to Do When Requests Can Not be Processed through the Law Library's Authorization Service.