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Pro Bono Program

Lawyers are professionals with an obligation to serve the legal profession and their community. This obligation begins with enrollment in law school. In order to meet this obligation and to implement a process for instilling a sense of service in our students we encourage every student at the Syracuse University College of Law to participate in pro bono and community service activities.  We undertake this as part of our commitment to the pursuit of excellence in learning, professionalism, and service.

Pro bono Board Members

From left to right, the individuals are: Tyler Hite, Brittany Hansen, Jill Wojdyla, Mike Tyszko, Allie Sandacz, Mark O'Brien, Melissa Swartz and Tara Pistorese.

In the spirit of supporting our students in their efforts to provide pro bono and community service, faculty should also strive to provide pro bono and community service on an annual basis. Faculty members are encouraged to voluntarily report pro bono and community service activities on the annual Faculty Assessment Form.

Interested in performing some pro bono work? Sign up here.

Please refer to the Pro Bono Guidebook for program guidelines and expectations.
If you have any questions, email us.
To watch the Landlord-Tenant Law Training Video produced by the Onondaga County Bar Association, click here.
If you have performed community service activity, report it here.

Once you submit your hours, the Office of Student Life will verify all information provided with the sponsoring agency. If you have questions about the number of hours logged, please contact 315-443-1146 or Probono@law.syr.edu.

For Nonprofit Organizations and Government Agencies

If you are a nonprofit organization or a government agency seeking more information about posting pro bono opportunities, please email the Pro Bono Advisory Board at Probono@law.syr.ed or call  315-443-1146.

General Public

If you are an individual seeking legal assistance, please note that Syracuse University law students cannot provide direct legal advice or services to members of the general public. For assistance in locating an attorney, please visit the attorney referral programs available online at the Onondaga Bar Association.   You may also contact the College of Law’s Office of Clinical Legal Education at 315-443-4582  to see if you may qualify for one of their clinics.   

Cold Case Initiative
Atlanta Events

Cold Case Atlanta

Syracuse University College of Law's Cold Case Justice Initiative (CCJI) held a series of activities April 23-24 in Atlanta for the families of victims of unsolved murders in Mississippi and Louisiana dating back to the Civil Rights Era. The feature event Saturday was a panel discussion at Atlanta's Ebenezer Baptist Church, which was followed by a free concert by Grammy Award nominee Mavis Staples. The "Never Too Late for Justice" events were organized by CCJI co-directors Paula C. Johnson, SU professor of law, and Janis McDonald, the Bond, Schoeneck & King Distinguished Professor in the SU College of Law.