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Membership Selection Policies

Membership to the Syracuse Journal of International Law and Commerce is limited to second and third year law students of the Syracuse University College of law. Editors to the Journal are selected based on successful completion of a legal brief and a form and accuracy exam. Each year, the Journal receives around 120 applications for an Editor spot, yet between 24 and 28 students are invited to join the Journal each year.

Students interested in joining the Journal must submit a brief of the Journal’s choice in the spring of their 1L year, even if they are pursuing a joint degree and plan to spend a year at another Syracuse graduate school.

Students who spend their 1L year at other law schools and are applying to transfer to Syracuse University College of Law must submit the requisite documents in the summer before they enter as 2Ls. If you are a transfer student, please contact the Journal for further information.

Students within the top 15% of their 1L class will receive an automatic invitation to the Journal if the student has submitted a completed application to the Journal ("grade-on").

Those students transferring from other law schools must “write on” and will not be eligible for an automatic invitation.

In addition to the "grade-on" process, students will be invited onto the Journal based on their performance on the form and accuracy exam and their submitted brief ("write on").

The “write on” process consists of two parts. A form and accuracy exam, worth 15% of the student’s score. The exam requires students to perform technical edits of excerpts under test conditions. The submitted brief portion of the competition, is worth 85% and is based of the brief submitted.

All transfer students please contact the Journal for further instruction.