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*Syracuse Law Review is now accepting submissions for Volume 63 (2013)*

Unfortunately, due to space considerations and the necessity of giving publication preference to Syracuse Law Review students, we do not accept student notes or comments for publication. We do, however, appreciate your interest in our journal.

Submission Procedures:
1.  The Syracuse Law Review accepts manuscripts by electronic submission ONLY. Please DO NOT send hardcopy submissions; the Law Review will not consider them for publication and cannot assume responsibility for returning articles.
2.  A single copy of the manuscript should be submitted to lawreview@law.syr.edu. Please withhold all articles until complete; the Law Review cannot accept updated versions.

Additional Information to Include with Submissions:
1.  Along with the manuscript, please include the following information:
(1) The author's full name, address, phone number, and email address;
(2) The author's CV, including all past publications, if any, and the author's professional and academic affiliations, including the author's current position;
(3) If possible, a brief description of the article's academic and/or practical significance, timeliness, and any existing reviews of the article.

Format & Citation Requirements for Manuscripts:
1.  All manuscripts must conform to the following specifications:
(1) All manuscripts, including footnotes, should be typed and double-spaced;
(2) Citations should be provided in footnote format and should conform to The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (19th ed. 2010).

Review Process:
1.  The Law Review makes every effort to inform authors of the disposition of their submission as quickly as possible, but also endeavors to undertake a serious and thorough review of each article. On receipt of a manuscript, the editors will confirm the submission with the author. From there, the review period varies, but will be conducted diligently. If an author is withdrawing a submission, s/he should inform the Law Review as quickly as possible. If expedited review is requested, the author should provide a timeline and the name of the competing journal. An editor will be in touch shortly to indicate whether we can accommodate the author's deadline.

2.  Any questions concerning submissions should be directed to the Lead Articles Editors who can be reached by email at lawreview@law.syr.edu.

Copyright Notice:
If any part of the article has been, or is about to be, published elsewhere, the author must inform us at the time of submission. The Syracuse Law Review will secure a copyright on the copyrightable material when the article is published. The Syracuse Law Review reserves the right to determine the time, place and manner in which the articles may be copied or reprinted.