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Corporate Law Society (CLS)

Mission Statement
The Syracuse University Corporate Law Society is committed to actively preparing its members for successful careers in the area of corporate law, as well as introducing the field of corporate law to members exploring the practice.  By encouraging interaction between students and professionals, the Corporate Law Society strives to introduce its membership to all aspects of the law as it pertains to the corporate world.  This organization is dedicated to the continuing education of its members and the law school community at large, which it accomplishes in several ways.  First, a speaker series comprised of various corporate law practitioners reveals the intricacies of corporate law to Society members.  Second, alumni events encourage networking outside the law school environment.  Third, interaction and collaboration among leaders, members and other student organizations supports networking within the law school setting.  Fourth, the Society supports the Syracuse community and charitable organizations by organizing members to volunteer in service activities.

In March of 2004, the Corporate Law Society created the Corporate Law Society Scholarship Fund.  This Fund is the first of its kind in the 109-year history of the College of Law.  Beginning in 2004, the Fund awards $500 to a first-year law student for his or her exhibited interest in the area of corporate law.

Finally, the Corporate Law Society seeks to address the immediate and individual needs of its members as they arise.  The Society promotes collegiality and encourages a supportive network among its members.  Although active contribution by all members is not mandatory, it is strongly encouraged so students may realize the opportunities this Society offers its members.  Members can fully participate in developing new ideas and opportunities for the Society.   

The Corporate Law Society is dedicated to the success of our members in law school and in law practice.  

Executive Board

Faculty Advisor:       Professor Christian C. Day

President:              Olivia Zaiya
Vice President - Matthew NG
Treasurer - Stephen McNamee
Secretary - Mallory Craig

Questions or Comments
Contact: Olivia Zaiya