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Disability Law Society (DLS)

The disAbility Law Society is a newly formed student organization in the College of Law.  The purpose of the disAbility Law Society is to create and support a positive climate toward disability that values individual difference in the College of Law and greater Syracuse University community.   Some of our goals are:

  • To raise awareness about disability within the College of Law and greater Syracuse University community.
  • To support students who have disabilities; who are interested in pursuing a joint degree related to disability studies; and/or who are interested in pursuing a career in disability law or a related field.
  • To provide information and assistance to students, faculty and staff members in the College of Law and Syracuse University community regarding disability; and,
  • To provide College of Law students the opportunity to volunteer in the disability community of the local Syracuse community.
  • We seek to promote meaninful access to educational opportunity by facilitating access to services and advocating on behalf of students with members of the campus community.

The disAbility Law Society works in partnership with the Beyond Compliance Coordinating Committee, a graduate student group in the School of Education.  Next fall, one of the activities the disAbility Law Society will be involved in is a film series on the university campus.  The film series is currently being organized by the members of the Beyond Compliance Coordinating Committee.  The film series titled Reflections on Diversity: Disability in Film will contribute to multicultural discourse at Syracuse University by offering alternative, empowering representations of the experiences of people with disabilities.  This disAbility Law Society is also partnering with other College of Law groups, SU departments, and Syracuse community disability organizations to complete Project Accessible Syracuse.  The COL Disability Law and Policy Program received a grant to research downtown restaurants to find out which are in compliance with accessibility laws and which are not.  The first part of the project will include surveys of 100 downtown restaurants and a publication entitled, Project Accessible Syracuse: A Guide to Accessible Downtown Restaurants, which will rank each of the 100 restaurants based on their compliance with accessibility laws. This Guide will be distributed to residents and visitors to Syracuse to inform them which restaurants are most accessible.  Students will lead workshops using the Guide as a tool to begin educating restaurant owners and the downtown community about the requirements of accessibility laws, ways to provide or increase accessibility, and possible funding sources or tax incentives available for necessary modifications or renovations.  

    Student senators are elected to serve by their classmates.  

Co-Executive Directors - Stephanie Woodward, Bobby Borrelle
President - Amanda Geary
Vice President - Irving Feng
Secretary - Angel Baker
Treasurer - Mallory Craig
Co-Director - Stephanie Woodward
Co-Director - Robert Borrelle
Awareness Activities Director - Victoria Governali